Samantha's Indian Springs Field Trip

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On May 19th Samantha's class took a field trip to Indian Springs Metropark. Neither Tara or myself were available to go with Sam this time around, so she was able to take her Grandpa Gary with her. I don't think that Sam was entirely thrilled with this trip, as there wasn't much for the kids to do aside from wander the nature trails and look for wildlife. Sammy carried along one of our cameras, and these are pictures that she took herself.

Indian Springs Metropark

A flower located along the edge of the water.

A close-up look at a flower along the walkway.

Samantha liked the carvings in the bark of this tree.

If you look very closely, you can see the tail of a chipmunk or squirrel on the downed tree, right in the center of the picture. It was apparently much closer and one point, but kept moving away.

A scenic look at a downed tree.

A closer look at some more purple flowers.

Another purple flower, although different from the previous picture.

Approximately in the middle of this picture is a turtle in the pond.

Here you can see a frog basking in the sun while swimming in the pond.


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