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    Samantha played the part of the director in her third grade production of "This Old Gingerbread House", which was a spoof on the old show "This Old House" (which I am fairly certain that hardly any of these kids have seen before). This version starred Bob and Gnorm as Bob Vila and Norm Abrams. Sam was extremely excited to have a roll in the show, and Tara and I were pleased with the effort that she put into learning her part and the songs. Overall it was a nice holiday show, and we are very proud of her for her efforts. Great job, Sammy!

"This Old Gingerbread House"

Samantha (in the pink sweater) did a great job in her role as director. Here she is about to yell "Action" to start the filming of the show.

Sam's classmate Taren got to play the part of Gnorm. He is wearing the green apron (borrowed from us!).

Sam ready to say another line.

Sam singing a song with the rest of the cast members.

Sam during one of the songs.

Another picture of Sam during one of the songs.

Jayden and Drew had to have a picture with the gingerbread house from the set of the play.

Drew standing beside the Broncho statue inside the school.

Tyler standing behind the Broncho statue on our way out after the conclusion of the production.


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