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    Samantha's soccer team had their first game on Saturday, April 18th. The weather was beautiful for this time of year, and you could tell by watching the kids play. The first half of the game was played 7 on 7, and with that many kids on the field there were no goals scored. Sam started out the day in goal, and she made a couple of nice saves during her time in net. The second half of the game was played 6 on 6 (don't ask why this was done - I don't think anyone involved really understood the reasoning) and our offense woke up a little with a little room to roam. Although we only scored one goal (the one that mattered), we were able to spend much more time in the opponents end. Overall, today's game was an enjoyable one to watch, and the win certainly helped. Hopefully we will have many more to follow.

Game 1

Samantha started out playing goalie in the first part of the game.

Sammy made a nice save and through the ball out to her teammate to get some offense going.

Sam making another save while playing goalie.

Sam trying to get her teammates lined up where they need to be on the field.

Sam trying to get the ball into the opponents net. She had a couple of good drives towards the goal during this game, but she just came up empty.

Sam trying to get defensive positioning to prevent the opponent from getting a good corner-kick towards the net.


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