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    We were extremely grateful that the sporting events for today, April 25th, were in the morning. Shortly after we returned home for lunch after today's soccer game we received a heavy thunderstorm. The afternoon games were wiped out for sure.

    Samantha's soccer team was a little shorthanded for today's game and had to borrow a player from the opposition. That worked out well for us, as the girl that we got for the first half score the first two goals for us. We had several other scoring chances as well, with Sam in on a lot of them. She had a great first half despite getting a little tired towards the end. She came back strong after halftime, stealing a kick-off from the other team and going all the way down the left side of the field to score her first goal of the season to give the girls a 3-0 lead. We added another goal later to complete the 4-0 win. Sam definitely had her best game of this young season, and it is games like this that make Tara & I cringe when she says she wants to quit to play football in the fall. Hopefully she will have some more games like today and she will realize that she is pretty good at this stuff.

Game 2

Samantha chasing down an opponent to steal the ball.

Sam running with a teammate to the ball.

Sam running around while keeping an eye on the ball.

Sam kicking the ball away from an opponent and trying to turn it towards the goal.

Sam performing her power corner kick.

Sam talking to her borrowed "teammate" after the second of her goals.

Sam watching the ball while on defense.
Sam performing another corner kick.


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