Game 5

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    The weather wasn't great for this morning's game, but the outcome was. We only had five girls make it to the game today, but they played extremely hard and surprisingly well together. Whatever the reason was, they just clicked today. They jumped out to a 3-0 lead before allowing a goal. They scored another themselves and gave up a couple of late goals, for a final score of 4-3. The game wasn't that close for the majority of the time, but you can see that the constant running for an hour while the opposition substitutes starts to wear the girls down.

Game 5

Samantha started out today's game in goal. She did much better this time than last - no goals allowed.

After making a save, Sam threw the ball out to her teammates.

Sam performing a throw-in from the sideline.

Since we only had five girls for the game today, Sam was pretty tired when breaks came around.

Sam and an opponent chasing after the ball.

Sam driving towards the net with the goal.

Sam going for the ball once again.

Another throw-in from Sammy.

Sam was able to perform a free kick to the goal, but the goalie made a great save to keep her from scoring.


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