Game 6

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    Today's soccer game was the kind that is really fun when it is your team scoring all the goals - which thankfully we were - but you start to feel bad for the players on the other team. We scored a lot early, and had to take it easy late by moving players to defense. Samantha had a pretty decent game, but she was getting tired a lot. She did manage to score her second goal of the season and had several chances for more but just missed. She started out in goal but didn't see much action, making only a couple saves. When it was all over, we came away with an 11-0 win.

Game 6

This is how Samantha spent most of her time while playing in goal today.

This isn't the best because the coach moved into the picture, but Sam is making her best save of the game off the foot of the opposition.

Sam on a breakaway that led to one of her scoring chances.

Another breakaway from Sam. One of these two plays was her goal.

Sam lined up to block a kick from the blue team.


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