Game 8

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    The final game of the season ended in victory once again for our girls. The final score ended up being fairly close, but the opposition scored a couple of late goals to make it seem closer than it really was. Samantha didn't score any goals today, but she had a pretty strong all-around game. In addition to several scoring chances, she had a couple of nice passes that led to goals, doing her part to contribute to the 6-4 win.

Game 8

Samantha going after a ball that the opposition goalie is trying to play.

Sam and her teammate after a goal was scored.

Sam driving to the net in case the goalie misplays the ball.

Another picture of Samantha near the goal.

Sammy running after the ball while playing defense.

After a player was injured, Sam took a moment to rest during the first hot-weather game the girls played in all season.

Sam hollering to her teammates to get into position.

Sam excited after the team scored a goal.


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