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    For the past couple of weeks Samantha has been participating in swimming lessons at the high school. With the completion of Tyler's basketball practices (of which I participated in as assistant coach) I was finally able to attend one of Sam's classes and take some pictures. Here are a couple that I hope you enjoy.

Swimming Class - February 23rd

Samantha listening to her only classmate talk to the instructor.

Sam and her classmate preparing to jump into the pool.

Bombs away! Sam got to jump in first.

Sam after completing the swim back to the edge of the pool.

Sam swimming in the pool with the help of her instructor later in the class.

Sam doing the backstroke with the help of her swim instructor.

    I managed to get to another to another one of Samantha's swimming classes to take some pictures. Enjoy!

Swimming Class - March 2nd

This is the high school aquatic center where the swimming lessons are held.

Samantha talking to her instructor about what they would be doing during class.

Sam practicing swimming.

Sam watching the other class doing their swimming.

Sam practicing once again with her instructor.

Sam swimming to the rope without help.


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