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    We promised the kids that we would take them sledding over the Christmas break, but due to conditions out of our control (namely the weather) we were unable to. When we got snow over the course of this past week, it was time to make it up to them. On Saturday, January 10th, we headed out to Toboggan Hill to hit the slopes. All of the kids braved the hill - I had to go down with Drew and Jayden, but they made it down twice each. Tyler and Samantha flew down on their own multiple times. I think that Sam is our family's king of sledding as she consistently went further than the rest of us (although I didn't do to bad on the couple of times I got to go by myself). Everybody had a ton of fun sledding today and we are already talking about going back next weekend, but this time without Drew and Jay so that we can all get a few more runs in.

Toboggan Hill Sledding

Samantha and Tyler were the first to go down the hill, this time together, while Rodney is getting ready to give them a jump start.

Tyler and Sam heading down the hill for the first time.

Sam (holding the orange sled) and Tyler at the bottom of the hill getting ready to make the trek back up.

Jayden and Rod waiting to head down the hill for the first time today.

Rod and Jay making their way to the bottom.

Jay getting her face wiped off by Rod at the bottom. By trying to slow the sled with his feet, Rod knocked up a bunch of snow which all seemed to cake to Jay's face. She enjoyed her trip down and was ready to go again, however.

Tyler and Sam still making their way up the hill!

Jay catching a ride up the hill from Rod.

Drew finally got brave enough to take a trip down the hill with Rod.

Rod and Drew heading down the hill. Rod tried to keep his legs further apart to not kick up as much snow as he did with Jay.

Despite his attempts, Rod still had to wipe a bunch of snow off of Drew's face. Although he wasn't ready to go right back down, he had fun and did go again later.

Sam heading down on her stomach after a push from Tyler.

Tyler went down on his stomach after Sam gave it a shot and found that she went pretty far. Tyler, on the other hand, wiped out about 50 feet down every time he went (at least it seemed like it).

Sam flying down the hill once again.

Tyler sideways part way down the hill. After a while we came to the conclusion he was wiping out there on purpose, although I am sure he will deny that.

Tyler making his way back up the hill - the worst part of sledding here (where is that escalator when you need it?).

Sam carrying her sled up the hill.

A view of the hill from the top. That is Sammy on the left with the purple sled in her hand.

A view of the hill from the bottom. As you can see, it is quite a popular place to sled.



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