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    On Saturday, May 2nd, the league held their annual parade from downtown to the ball fields. Tyler and Samantha each walked with their teams, while Tara and I opted to watch from the parade route this year (as opposed to walking with them). Tyler really had fun handing candy out to the kids along the way (and he even saved some for himself to eat at the end!).

Parade & League Pictures

Tyler during the annual baseball parade through town. He just finished handing out candy to Drew & Jayden.

Tyler's team lined up on the field for the entire league picture. He is on the right of the picture, looking down (the top of his hat is clearly visible!).

    Even though Samantha's team had their game an hour and a half earlier than Tyler's team, they got to eat and take their pictures much earlier than her team did. Disorganization rules on parade and picture day. Anyway, the game got started on time and the Cardinals got off to a strong start, scoring 7 runs in the bottom of the first inning partly due to a lot of walks allowed by the opposing pitcher. Unfortunately the team really seemed to slow down after the first and could never really get their bats going. They scored just 3 more runs the remaining 5 innings for a total of 10. They were still tied 10-10 in the top of the sixth (and final) inning and had two outs on the opposition, but just couldn't manage to get the final out. The Angels scored on a single to take the win 11-10. Tyler spent his time in the field at centerfield and right field. He had a rough day at the plate, getting zero hits and a walk. He is definitely going to have to improve his swing and learn to stay in the batters box a little better. I think that most of the kids (especially the first year minors players) are afraid of getting hit by the pitchers, who tend to lack a little control at this point of the season. I am sure they will get better as the season goes on, though.

    I need to give a special thanks to my Mom for taking most of the game pictures as I ended up volunteering to be bench coach today (somebody had to keep the kids in line and ready to bat!). Thanks Mom!

Game 1 @ Angels

Tyler jumping out of the way of an inside pitch for a ball during his first at bat, a walk.

Tyler taking a practice swing while waiting for the pitcher to warm up to start the inning.

Tyler watching another ball go into the catchers mitt.

Tyler ready to bat. His stance looks good, he just seems to be lacking the confidence to get a hit right now.

Tyler in the field waiting for some action.

Tyler running to back up first base during a play.

Tyler running in the outfield once again during a play.


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