Game 10

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    Aside from a rough second inning where we gave up the maximum number of runs, 7, today's game was another very good one for the Cardinals. Tyler had a rough day at the plate, striking out in his only two appearances. The worst part was that he only swung at one pitch, and watched the other five go right by. Granted, not every pitch was an obvious strike, but at this level if it is close you have to swing to protect the plate. He also played right field the whole game, but didn't see any hits come his way. The best part was that besides the big second inning, we held them without any scores after that. Another good sign for us? They got their second win in a row, winning today by 2, 11-9.

Game 10 vs. Yankees

Tyler in right field at the start of the game.

Tyler swinging and missing during his first strikeout.

Tyler in right field again waiting for a play.


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