Game 11

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    In a rematch of a low scoring game earlier this season, the game against the White Sox boasted a little more offense tonight. Tyler didn't do much to contribute to the scoring, but he did manage to get on base with a walk early in the game. He also had a couple of misplays in the outfield by not getting the ball into the infield fast enough, but you could tell that he wasn't mentally recovered from his trip to Mackinac Island earlier in the week. The good news was that the team pulled out their third win in a row with a 12-7 victory.

Game 11 @ White Sox

Tyler watching a pitch bounce across home plate during his walk early in the game.

Tyler checking to see if the ball got by the catcher while stealing second base.

Tyler playing center field.

Tyler in the field once again.

Tyler swinging at a pitch.

Tyler swinging at another pitch. The form doesn't look too bad - hopefully he can make contact with one of these pitches to get some confidence going.


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