Game 14

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    Wow, what a game! The Cardinals jumped out to an early lead and never relented. They finally put together a good all-around game with great hitting, fielding, and pitching (a complete game shutout!). Tyler even got in on the act, having his first multi-hit game. We learned how to motivate him tonight - offering him $5 if he got a hit. And what do you know? He promptly went out and got a base hit (granted, it was on a ball hit about 500 feet in the air that landed about 15 feet from home plate, but he got to first). The next time at bat we hollered to him that if he did it again we would give him $5 more, and he went out and drove one into the outfield over the second baseman's head. He played both right and center field, but didn't see any balls come his way. In fact, the opposition didn't get too many men on base throughout the entire game. Thanks to Tyler's hitting breakout, he was awarded the game ball tonight! All that, and a 19-0 win too. What a game...

Game 14 @ Cubs

Tyler watching a ball go by leading to a walk in his first at-bat.

Tyler on first base after being walked in the first inning.

Tyler started the game out playing in right field.

Tyler swinging the bat during his first hit...

...even though the ball was a little on the high side...

...but not high enough to prevent Tyler from popping it up in the infield for his first hit of the night and only his second of the season. Total: $5.00

Tyler running to third base later in that inning.

Tyler on third base.

Tyler getting his second hit of the game, a line drive over the second basemen's head. Total: $10.00

Tyler moved over to centerfield later in the game, after sitting out an inning (which he hadn't done in some time).


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