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    Tuesdays are going to be a little busy for our family. Both Tyler and Samantha have ball games at the same time, and of course they aren't located near each other. Since Tara keeps score for Sam's team, she gets to watch that game while I go off to watch Tyler's team play. That means that I probably won't be getting much information to pass along about Sam's games. Hopefully, with some help, we will be able to keep getting pictures.

    Tyler's team was involved in another close game, but they just couldn't seem to throw strikes when they really needed them. There were several innings when they got two outs, but just couldn't get the third out without letting a couple runs score. Tyler had a strong game in the field while playing second base, which was good to see. He fielded a grounder and tagged out the runner going to second base in the first inning. Later in the game he caught a pop fly to get another batter out. He also fielded a couple other grounders, but just couldn't quite get the ball to first base on time to get the runner out. Tyler didn't get any hits while batting today, but he did manage to get a couple of walks. Hopefully as the season goes along he will get some confidence swinging the bat. The team attempted a rally in the final inning, but just couldn't quite complete it and ended up losing the game 16-12.

Game 2 vs. Mets

Tyler playing second base at the beginning of the game.

Tyler in the field again, at second base.

Tyler swinging at a low pitch.

Tyler trotting down to first base after getting his fourth ball of the at-bat.

On first base after a walk, Tyler was ready to run at the first chance he can.

Tyler on first base once again.

Tyler waiting for some more action at second base.

Another picture of Tyler playing in the field.

Tyler covering second base while a runner steals.

Tyler at bat once again - this one was another walk.


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