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    Despite the overall win-loss record, tonight's game was proof that the Cardinals are an improving team. To lose a game in which only four runs were given up is heartbreaking, though. Both teams fielded extremely well tonight, but they just couldn't gather up much steam against their pitchers. It seemed as though whenever Tyler's team was about to make a rally it was cut short by an inopportune strikeout. Hopefully their bats will come around soon. Tyler managed to get on base thanks to a walk, and stole a couple of bases to get himself over to third, but the dreaded strikeout left him stranded there. He also struck out once, and he didn't have to field any balls while playing in right for most of the game. The bad news is that despite playing their best defensive baseball of the season, they lost the game 4-1.

Game 4 vs. White Sox

Tyler started the game in right field, and played their for most of the game before being substituted.

Tyler swinging and missing during his first at-bat, a strikeout.

Tyler watching a ball go by and into the catchers mitt.

Tyler taking another ball in the dirt as the catcher jumps out of the way - this one resulted in a walk.

Tyler on first base eyeing the pitcher.

Tyler steals second base!

Tyler also stole third base standing up (meaning he didn't have to slide).

Tyler getting some direction from Coach Marty.

Tyler on third base, hoping to get home to score a run (alas, it wasn't meant to be as the batter struck out for out number three).


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