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    The good news from today's game is that the team pulled out their first win of the season, an 8-4 victory over the Athletics. Tara and I weren't thrilled, however, with the fact that Tyler only played 2 of the 6 innings. There were only 10 kids at the game tonight, so I saw no reason to sit one kid for 2/3 of the game. Anyway, Tyler didn't see any action while in the field during his short stint. In his three at-bats, he got walked three times and had a couple of stolen bases. Although he was thrown out at home to end one inning, he scored a run in a later inning.

Game 5 vs. Athletics

Tyler started out the game playing two innings in right field, then sat on the bench for the rest of the game.

Tyler got two quick strikes in his first at-bat, including this swing, but held on for a walk.

Tyler on first base ready for a steal.

Tyler stole second on a passed ball.

Tyler on second, waiting for a hit to move to third base.

Tyler running to third base on a long hit. He was sent home by his coach, but was tagged out by the catcher.


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