Game 9

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The Cardinals played what may have been their best game of the season tonight. They finally managed some extra-base hits, and that led to a lot of runs. Tyler got a walk in his first at-bat, but couldn't get a hit in his next two - striking out both times. He didn't see much action in the field tonight, so there isn't much to talk about there. The best part about playing food baseball is winning, and they did tonight 13-11.

Game 9 @ Mets

Tyler checking his laces while on first base after the walk in his first at-bat.

Tyler came around to score on a walk after some nifty base running.

Tyler playing centerfield, waiting for some action.

Tyler swinging and just missing this pitch.

Tyler watching a ball go by.

Tyler didn't get any balls hit his way, so he went through the motions between pitches.

Tyler excited about a good play made in the infield.


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