Game 2

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    The second game went more like what I expected. We fell behind early because our kids just can't seem to grasp the concept of defense. We had some good runs throughout the game, but we just couldn't get over the hump. On a positive note, Tyler is still playing very good aggressive defense and he scored the first two points of his basketball career. Just a reminder, Tyler is orange #8. Enjoy.

    And I have to say "Thank You" once again to Tara for taking pictures of the games for me.

Game 2

Tyler running around on defense helping his teammates out.

Tyler (in long black sleeves) waiting for a free throw to be shot.

Tyler looking for a pass from his teammate.

Tyler setting a screen for his teammate.

This kids on the bench during a timeout. Tyler is sitting on the end, while I am standing in front of them (still waiting for my shirt - for some reason they didn't order mine).

The final score - a 35-19 loss for our second loss this year.



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