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    We kind of expected to be able to get an easy win today because the team we were playing hadn't scored more than 8 points in either of their games. Of course, we gave up more than that in the first half while we couldn't get the ball through the hoop. We fell behind early 10-2, but did manage to cut it to 10-6 before halftime. The second half started out the same way, with the opposition pulling out to another early lead before we cut it down to 2 at the end. The kids could have had a shot at a tying basket if only the coach or I had called a timeout after our last basket. Unfortunately we both had a brain freeze and didn't do our part. Another aspect today was how physical the game was - I finally had to yell at them to take it easy before somebody got hurt. We have a bunch of kids on our team that should have played football! Today's final result - a 22-20 loss for our boys. Tyler is still doing his best on defense, though, and that makes Tara and I pretty proud. Just a reminder, Tyler is orange #8. Enjoy.

    One more "Thank You" to Tara for taking pictures of the games for me.

Game 3

Tyler (on the left) getting lined up for play to resume.

Tyler getting ready to cover his man on defense (they cannot play defense until half court until the last two minutes of a half).

Tyler going to set a pick for his teammate to drive the ball to the lane.

Tyler lined up to get a rebound off of his teammates free throw.

Once again, a loss for us. 22-20 this time. I am now officially 0-9 as an assistant coach and I must say I am getting a complex about it.



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