Game 4

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    What else can be said. We played much better today, the ball just isn't bouncing our way this year. We keep missing too many shots in close and we still have too many defensive lapses. I think that the 8:00am start time didn't help our cause today, as we got off to another slow start. We did manage to close the gap to four points on couple of occasions, but just couldn't get over the hump. Of course the refereeing that we had today didn't help (we shot more free throws today that we did all season, and they never blew a whistle - the kids never knew when to stop playing). Just a reminder, Tyler is orange #8. Enjoy.

    One more "Thank You" to Tara for taking pictures of the games for me.

Game 4

Tyler and his teammates heading back up the court after what was likely a turnover - we had way too many in the first half.

Tyler set for defense while the other team brings the ball up the court. Tyler had a very good game defensively today, covering the point guard. He did a nice job slowing them down today.

Tyler on defense - here he is fighting through a pick by the other team.

Rodney addressing the team during a timeout. At this time we were only down four, and the pep talk was very positive (things like nice passes today, way to stick to your man, etc.). Unfortunately it didn't result in a win.

Another week, another loss. This time it was a 25-16 loss (the time on the clock was the time before the next game started).



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