Game 5

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    My heart is breaking today. The kids gave it their all today, but once again it just wasn't meant to be. We played a good game and probably should have won by a bunch, but we just had a tough time getting the ball to fall through the hoop. Tyler had a super game today, making several impressive steals on defense and getting up a lot (probably too many) shots on offense. Tyler was so hyped up trying to get a win today that he broke down crying after the game. I felt terrible for him - he tried so hard, all of the kids did, and they deserved to win once this year at least.

    All of the kids had several good looks at the basket, but as I said the shots just weren't falling. As it was, we narrowly lost 21-20. Since every team makes the playoffs, we are hoping that we can put all aspects of our game together and pull out a win in two weeks. Wish us the best! Just a reminder, Tyler is orange #8. Enjoy.

    One final regular season "Thank You" to Tara for taking pictures of the games for me.

Game 5

Tyler bringing the ball up the court with his teammate early in the first half.

Tyler playing defense on his numerical counterpart, yellow #8.

Tyler trying to get his teammates lined up so that he can shoot his free throw.

Tyler missed his free throws, but the second one was extremely close. He just wouldn't settle down today - he was giving it his all trying to get a "W".

Tyler getting set on offense waiting for the play to resume after a timeout. If only we could have passed the ball to him now!

This weeks final score: a heartbreaking 21-20 loss.



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