Tyler's Birthday

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    On Sunday, August 16th, we celebrated Tyler's 10th birthday with some of his family. Football obligations crept up on us, so we had to reschedule a couple of times. We ended up making pizzas for lunch at Tyler's request, and he chose to have a Detroit Pistons cake this year. Tyler was also very happy with his presents, especially his video games (one for his Playstation, and one for his soon to come PSP that his Dad and Mom are giving him). He is also looking forward to spending his pet store gift cards on a new pet lizard (his Dad isn't so excited about that one, though). Aside from having to cut it short to pick out his football helmet.

Tyler's 10th Birthday

Donovan and Drew watching Tyler hold up the puppets that Samantha made for him at church.

Tyler getting ready to open up a present from Aunt Erva while Donovan and Drew watch.

Tyler reading a card while Donovan looks on and Drew waits for the next gift box to be opened.

Great-Grandpa, Tara, Uncle Steve, Jayden, Grandma Gail, and Aunt Erica waiting for Tyler to open up another present.

Tyler getting ready to open up another present. Donovan, Drew, and Samantha are checking him out.

Grandma Gail, Aunt Erica, Grandpa Jerry, and Donovan watching Tyler.

Tyler opening up a present while the kids watch curiously.

Tyler holding up a pair of shorts that he got from Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Gail.

Tyler holding up his two pet store gift cards.

Tyler modeling his new underwear and socks. He bent over a little too far to see the underwear, but they are in the appropriate spot.

Tyler reading another card while the other kids look on.

Tyler holding up his new video game from Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Erica, Donovan, and Marissa.

Tyler showing off the new PSP game that he got from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry.

Another look at Tyler and his new PSP video game.

Tyler picked out a Detroit Pistons theme for his birthday cake this year.

Tyler doing his silly pose for his 82nd birthday... oops, that was 8+2=10th birthday.

Tyler taking a little more normal picture with his cake.

Tyler's family lovingly sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

After eating cake and ice cream, the boys retreated to his room to play the new video game that he got from Donovan. Here Donovan, Tyler, and Drew are chillin' in the bedroom.

Another picture of the boys playing video games in the bedroom.

The girls decided to put on a concert for Tyler's birthday. Here Sam and Marissa are dancing and singing.

Drew and Jayden "got on stage" to dance with Marissa and Sammy.


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