Tyler's DC Trip

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    Tyler was asked to go to Arlington, Virginia and Washington D.C. during the weekend of July 17th-19th by Jerry & Gail. Gail, Tyler, and Adam (Tyler's cousin), flew out on July 17th to meet Jerry, who was already there on a work assignment. They toured various sites in the area before returning on the 19th of July. Tyler took along our camera to record his memories, but the recollection of those memories aren't always the greatest. I attempted to fill in the captions as best as I could, but since I was there with them I am not 100% I have the correct information for each picture. Nonetheless, enjoy the pictures from Tyler's vacation.

  • July 18th - Follow this link to see the pictures that Tyler took during his first full day on vacation.
  • July 19th - Go here to see the pictures that Tyler took on his final day of this vacation.


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