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    Tyler's football team, of which I am also an assistant coach, opened their football season on Saturday, September 12th, with a tough 16-8 victory over the Durand Railroaders. Tyler got to see a fair amount of playing time (although I am sure that we both would have liked to see him in more). He got to play the line of defense (which he hadn't practiced before), line and 4-back (essentially a wing, or tight end) on offense, and special teams. He was most excited to be on the field blocking when we scored our second touchdown of the game! Just a reminder, Tyler's number this season is 95 (a departure from the #53 that he wore the past two seasons). And I need to say a special thanks to Tara for taking pictures for me. I really appreciate it!

Game 1 - @ Durand

Tyler heading to the field for weigh-in after our tail gate party. Rodney is standing on the left checking his clipboard to see which players were on time and which weren't.

Player introductions. Rod is giving Tyler a pat on the back as he runs onto the field after hearing his name called on the PA system.

Tyler in the huddle as Coach Hooper calls a play in the first half of play.

Tyler blocking on a play near the goal line in the second half (his jersey is wrinkled, so it looks like it is an 85 here).

Tyler usually isn't on the extra point team, so he started to come off the field before being told to stay out and block.

Tyler coming out of the huddle on defense in the second half.

Tyler running around after the play.

The scoreboard showing Tyler and Rod's first victory as a father/son coach/player duo, a 16-8 win!


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