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    Turnovers ended up being too costly to overcome today as Tyler's football team lost their first game of the season on Saturday, September 19th. It was a tight game throughout all four quarters, but Kearsley was able to return a fumble for a touchdown which, in addition to the made extra point, resulted in an 8 point loss and a 20-12 final score. Tyler got most of his playing time on special teams today, with a couple of plays on offense and defense as well. Because he has primarily played on the interior lines on both sides of the ball, pictures have been a little hard to come by there. We will keep trying! Just a reminder, Tyler's number this season is 95 (a departure from the #53 that he wore the past two seasons). I still want to say a special thanks to Tara for taking pictures for me. I really appreciate it!

Game 2 - vs. Kearsley

Tyler lined up for the opening kickoff.

Tyler (mostly behind #8) running towards the ball after it had been kicked.

Tyler lined up on another kickoff later in the game.

Tyler running downfield to block.


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