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    After a hard fought first half that ended in a 0-0 tie, things took a sour turn in the second half for the good guys. I won't blame the loss on any person or group, but let me just say that the officials (and the head of the league, who seemed to be pretty friendly with them) didn't do us any favors. The calls that went against us should have been overcome, but it just ended up being too much. I'm sure it didn't help, according to the rumors floating around the league, that we were playing against a team picked of the best players from their group of teams. We did manage to punch in a touchdown late in the game, but it was too little too late for the Bronchos. Once again, Tyler was on the field (playing offensive tackle) when we scored today, so at least he got that thrill once again. The 24-6 loss dropped us to 1-2 for the season. Just as a reminder, Tyler wears number 95 this season.

    In case you couldn't tell, I am still steaming over this loss. I feel like we were unfairly picked on by the officials - and the league president, who threw a penalty flag on us even though he wasn't a referee! Who does that, and how is that fair? Not to mention the fact that the Lake Fenton group sent someone over to ensure that we were tracking plays (which is my game-day job), which hasn't happened in any of our other games and I am sure that we would never think of doing to one of our opponents. In addition, our kids were saying that their defensive line was leading with their helmets when firing off of the ball. I asked the referee if that was acceptable and his answer to me was essentially "What do you expect them to do?" Uh, block properly, perhaps? Add in the fact that our offensive coach told our team in the huddle on the field that we needed to overcome not only Lake Fenton but the referee's as well only to get an unsportsmanlike penalty while the Lake Fenton team was allowed to celebrate a touchdown on the field with their coach and their coach yelled at our coach for calling a timeout (which he didn't do - it was one of our players) at the end of the game and neither instance received a penalty. It just seemed to me that there were a lot of little underhanded things going on to ensure that victory went to one team over the other. This loss will take some time getting over.

    On a more positive note - a huge thank you to my Mom for sticking around today's game to take pictures for me (and for listening to me rant on our drive home after the game). I appreciate it!

Game 3 - @ Lake Fenton

Tyler running off of the field after being hit in the hand by the helmet of a Lake Fenton player while trying to block during the previous play.

We completed this passing play, along with several others, during the game. Tyler is on the ground along with a Lake Fenton player.

Tyler in the huddle with the rest of the offensive team.

Our team lining up for the extra point attempt late in the fourth quarter. The guy in the foreground is the league president.

The final score, a 24-6 loss for the Holly Bronchos.


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