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    Game 4, played against Carmen Ainsworth on October 3rd, was a very well played game by both teams. It was a back and forth game throughout, and we probably should have won. The kids definitely played hard, and there were no real issues with the officiating this time like there has been in the past. The winning points for the other team were scored on an interception that was returned for a touchdown. If that hadn't happened, we were probably on our way to scoring the winning points ourselves. Tyler got in on a fair amount of plays, as he begins to settle into his position at Right Tackle on the field and gets comfortable with playing one spot consistently Once again, he wears number 95 this season.

Game 4 - @ Carmen Ainsworth

The coaches, including coach Rod (in the gray/black coat), standing on the sideline, tracking the action on the field.

The entire team lined up for an offensive play - Tyler is playing right tackle on this play.

The team running up to the line of scrimmage. Tyler is in the center of the picture with the arm pads on.

Tyler running down field after making a block.

Another play where Tyler is running down field looking to make a block.

The team walking back to the huddle after running a play.

Lined up to run a play, Tyler is ready in his three-point stance.

The final score, a 20-14 loss for the Bronchos.


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