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    Woo-hoo! After a good week of practice, the hard work paid off for Tyler and the rest of the team. Each week all of us coaches set three goals for the game: at least three offensive touchdowns, a defensive turnover recovery, and an onside kick recovery. Today was the first game all season that we achieved all three of these goals. We got four touchdowns, a fumble recovery and an interception, and our first onside kick recovery of the season. When you add it all together, the result is a big win for our team - 34-18 this week. Tyler has settled into a nice rotation with another player at his Right Tackle spot on the offensive line, and as such his playing time has gotten better (and his actual play on the field has improved as well). As always, Tyler wears #95 this season.

Game 5 - vs. Grand Blanc

Tyler and his teammates lined up, ready to run a play.

Tyler in the huddle, listening to the play call from Coach Craig.

Tyler watching a play go to the outside.

Tyler watching another play go outside.

The team getting their halftime directions while the coaches review each players playing time.

Blocking on a short yardage try, Tyler got caught up in the middle of a crowd.

Tyler walking towards the end zone after the team scored a touchdown.

A nice site for a change, a 34-18 win at home.


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