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    Well, we didn't get all three of our goals like we did last week, but it didn't matter in this particular game. We did manage three touchdowns and a defensive turnover recovery. The field was in terrible condition today after heavy rains and a high school game the night before, and the conditions may have worked to our advantage. We went out onto that muddy field and beat a Flushing team that had gone undefeated until today, ruining their chance at a perfect season. Not only did we beat them, but we did it in shutout fashion, winning the game 19-0. The "W" meant that we completed our fourth and fifth goals for this game: a win, and a 3-3 season. After the game, the Flushing coaches complimented us, saying that they couldn't believe that we had lost a game all season.

    Since it was raining off and on during the game, Tara wasn't able to pull out the camera much - only managing to only get this one picture. I do want to thank her for taking pictures for me during the season, as I know it isn't her favorite thing to do. Thanks, and love you, dear!

Game 6 - vs. Flushing

Tyler trying to get a block during an offensive play (he is hidden between two flushing players - you can see his black arm pad).


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