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    Because Tara and I knew that our Saturday's would be full of sporting activities we were a little reluctant to RSVP in that we would attend, but the kids and my mom convinced us to go ahead and attend the reception of the son of my mom's cousin. Even though this was the last event of a really long day for us, we had a very nice time. We got to see a lot of my family that we see way less than we really should, particularly my aunts and uncles who live out of state. The best part of the evening, though, was watching the kids enjoying themselves - dancing, eating, dancing, eating some more, dancing again. They had a blast. And a big hearty congratulations to John & Sue on their special day!

Cahill Wedding Reception

Denny talking to Terry, while other family members check out the scene at the reception hall.

Drew showing off his spiked-up mohawk.

Rodney's family - his mom Terry, aunt Sherry, aunt Connie, grandma Beulah, uncle Denny, aunt Julie, and uncle Steven.

Another picture of Terry, Sherry, Connie, Beulah, Denny, Julie, and Steve.

Denny, Sherry, Connie, Terry, Julie, and Steve.

A group picture of many cousins. I am working on getting all of the names. Sorry!

More cousins. Names to come soon!

Rodney's favorite hall decoration - the pallet keg ramp.

More distant family - again, names to come.

More distant family - again, names to come.

Finally a decent picture of our family - Rodney, Tara, Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden.

Another try at a family picture, this one to show off Drew's hair.

Rodney's sister, Erica, and her two kids, Marissa and Donovan.

Rodney, his dad Gary, his mom Terry, and his sister Erica.

Another picture of Rod, Gary, Terry, and Erica.

The kids all enjoyed running around and dancing on the dance floor.

Sam showing off her dance moves.

Drew, Tyler, and Donovan making... uh, tile angels, I guess.

Jay smiling for a picture. Cheese!

Grandma Terry showing Sam, Jay, and Drew how to do the 'Slide/Hustle' dance.

Slide to the left, slide to the right. Jump. Jump.

More dance pictures, this time with aunt Connie joining in on the right (that or she is getting ready for a pole dance!).

Sam, Jay, and Drew looking at Grandma Terry for the next dance move.

Once more dance picture of Sam, Jay, Grandma Terry, and Drew. Tyler is sitting in the lower left corner of the picture watching.


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