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    Despite a weekend jam-packed with activities we somehow managed to squeeze in our annual trip to the St. John's Applefest in Fenton. We wound up going on Friday, September 17th, right after the kids got off of the bus. We met up with Jerry & Gail before taking the kids out to the rides. Tara and Gail took Drew and Jayden with them to ride on the younger kids rides while I took Tyler and Samantha to the older kids rides. Jerry had to stay behind to work (he and Gail volunteer in the worker hospitality area). Both Tara and I took our cameras, so there are two sets of pictures. Since R comes before T alphabetically, my pictures come first. Tara's pictures can be seen on the other pages as well.

Applefest - Rod

Tyler and Samantha waiting for their ride on the "Scrambler" to begin.

Tyler and Sam spinning around the "Scrambler" ride.

Another look at Tyler and Sam trying to hold on.

Tyler and Samantha waiting for their ride in the "Tornado" to begin.

Another look at Tyler and Sam waiting on the "Tornado."

Sam and Tyler sitting on another ride.

Sammie and Tyler waiting for the ride to begin.

Sam and Tyler spinning around on another ride.

Sam waving with Tyler at her side.

Another shot of Sam waving while Tyler hangs on.

Jayden riding one of the kiddie rides (Drew was too tall for this ride!).

Another shot of Jay going around in the fish.

Jay waving as she passes by.

A young couple silhouetted in the setting sun.

Tyler, back on the Tornado with out Sam, wasn't too happy with the company he was given (two very vocal young ladies and another boy).

Tyler watching one of the other rides intently.

Sam knocking a frog into the bucket, where she won a small frog doll.

Drew and Jay riding the train. Drew was quite thrilled with this ride (sarcasm noted).

Drew riding along as Jay reaches out to give Tyler a high-five.

Tara taking a picture of Rodney taking her picture.

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