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    A bunch of the local schools and community members held a tailgate party geared towards younger kids before the big varsity football game on Friday, September 24th. I took Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden to the tailgate to enjoy themselves for a while before going to the football game with just the older two. Drew and Jay went home with my parents, who came up to see us for a while, leaving before the game got underway. Tara met us at the game after setting up at the Mom to Mom sale she was involved in this weekend.

Bronchos Tailgate

Drew sliding down the inflatable slide.

Samantha coming down the same slide.

Drew going through the obstacle course.

Jayden climbing over (instead of through) the obstacle course.

Jay and Drew climbing up the ladder for the slide.

Samantha landing on a friend while racing on the obstacle course.

Drew coming down the obstacle course slide.

Jay waving during another trip through the obstacle course.

Sam racing down the slide once again.

Tyler racing through the obstacle course.

Tyler going down the obstacle course slide.

Sam holding back Jay's hair as she gets her face painted.

Sammie getting a giant "H" painted on her face in preparation for tonight's game.

Jay coming down the slide once again.

Drew sliding down the slide one more time.

Tyler trying to block his friend Quincy's throw.

Tyler throwing the ball.

Drew showing off his "Go Holly" cheek tattoos.

Jayden sitting in the car of one of Holly's finest.

Drew didn't want to get in the car, but he did check it out.


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