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    While the kids were off of school for spring break, Tara took a couple of days off of work so that she would be able to do some things with them. Thanks to a Facebook post from our friend Becky, she decided that a trip to the Children's Museum in Flint would be a good break from the monotony of home. Tara was watching Donovan and Marissa for the day, so they got to go along for the ride as well. They all met up with Becky and her boys, Thomas and Andrew (who is also called Drew, but for the sake of keeping the two Drew's separate, I will just refer to him as Andrew here). Although I was unable to go with them (thanks to work), Tara was nice enough to take pictures so that I could see how much fun everybody was having without me.

Flint Children's Museum

Jayden trying out one of the science experiments inside the museum.

Samantha, Jayden, and Marissa picking apples.

Tyler and Donovan checking out one of the exhibits.

Drew digging through the flowerbed.

President Jayden Obama.

Princess Jayden.

Tyler, dressed as who-knows-what, rocking out with two random kids.

Tyler once again. What an outfit!

Sam, a surprised pilot (maybe too much to drink before flying?).

Princess Jay on her throne.

Prince Drew.

Tyler, Donovan, Sam, Jay, and Marissa checking out a bat display.

Another look at Tyler, Donovan, Sam, Jay, and Marissa moving through the bat exhibit.

Fire chief Drew on his way to a call.

Jayden taking her turn behind the wheel.

Tyler, in deep thought, and Donovan trying to speed their vehicles through the course.

Drew, picking up some groceries for lunch.

Marissa, Drew, and Jayden, making their way through the store.

Jayden ringing up her groceries.

Marissa picking up a basket to do some shopping of her own.

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