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    Where have all of the years gone? It seems like only yesterday that Tara & I walked Tyler in to school for his first day of kindergarten, and now he has moved on from the elementary school to a new start as a sixth grade middle school student. Although I think he had some nerves to start the day he managed just fine. I dropped him off outside of the school in the morning because I didn't think that it would be cool to have a parent with him inside, but I found out later that lots of kids had their parents walk in with them. I guess I should have listened to Tyler and not my parental instincts - I didn't want him getting picked on his first day!

    Samantha is now an old pro at the elementary school thing, entering fourth grade this year. She was placed in a 3rd/4th grade split class, which made her a little nervous. Once she realized that they select kids who tend to be self-motivated and can work without a lot of assistance from the teacher she decided that is wasn't such a bad a idea. She was even more excited once she realized that one of her friends would be sitting at the same table as her. Sam had both Tara & I walk her in to school, but once she was in her room she didn't really want anything to do with either one of us. She is growing up too fast...

    In Tyler's place as the first time kindergartner is Drew, who attended a short orientation session in his classroom before his first whole day of school on September 8th. Jayden and I went with Drew as he was given time to meet his teacher, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and explore the classroom (by way of scavenger hunt). He has already decided that he wants to ride the bus both to and from school tomorrow, so I guess he is excited to go. It helped that he sits right next to one of his baseball teammates from T-ball!

First Day of School - September 7th, 2010

Tyler standing outside on his first day of middle school. He has to get up much earlier this year, as he needs to be out at the bus stop before 7:00am.
Another shot of Tyler on his first day of school.
Samantha gets to sleep in about an hour longer than Tyler, as her bus comes around 8:15am.
Another shot of Sam on her first day of school.
Samantha and Drew together on their first day (even though Drew only went for a couple of hours this afternoon).
A close-up of Sam and Drew on their first day of school.
Another shot of Sam and Drew on their first day of school.
Drew on his first day of school. He will ride the same bus as Sam, as they go to the same school.
Another shot of Drew on his first day of school.


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