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    During Tyler and Samantha's baseball games on Thursday, June 10th, two hot air balloons drifted near the fields. One of them floated right over the fields, while the other one landed across the street from the Karl Richter Campus building (my old high school), directly behind some portable classrooms. After our games ended we drove near the landing site to check it out. By this time the balloon was pretty much down and folded into a straight line, but the kids wanted to check things out. Tyler and Sam helped carry the balloon into the storage bag, and all of the kids were allowed into the basket. It was a very cool experience for them!

Hot Air Balloon

The two balloons in the sky nearing the baseball fields.

One of the balloons coming down near the school building.

This balloon sailed over the fields.

Up and away!

Another look at how close the balloon was when it landed.

Drew and Jayden inside of the basket of the balloon.

Another picture of Drew and Jay in the basket.

Tyler and Samantha helped carry the balloon itself into the storage bag.

A look at the balloon all stretched out, ready for storage.

Tyler (in red hat) and Samantha (in the middle of the picture, wearing a red hat) helping haul the balloon.

Another look at Tyler and Sam with the balloon.

Tyler and Sam putting the balloon into the storage bag.

Tyler and Sam climbed into the basket after helping out.


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