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    Tara and I promised the kids that we would go ice skating after Drew's practice, and everyone but Tara held up their end of the bargain. Although it was much harder than I remembered (the last time I skated I had toe picks - what a difference those make!), we all had fun. Tyler made constant use of the "walker," but was proud that "I've got the speed thing down, now I just need to work on the balance thing." I had to help hold Jayden up, but we managed to make it all the way around the rink without falling down. Samantha really took off, outskating all of us! Next time we are dragging Tara out there too! A special thanks to Jeff and his boys Thomas and Andrew for sticking around to skate with us. It was fun!

Family Ice Time

Tyler, after walking around on his skates, thought it would be no problem on the ice. Here he is, in the red coat, try to get back up from his first fall.

Rodney (black/gray coat), Samantha (pink coat), Tyler, Drew (black pants/blue sweatshirt), Jeff (black coat), and Thomas (brown coat/hockey gloves) all on the ice.

Sam took to the ice the best, at least out of those who haven't ever been or who hadn't been in a long time (that would be Rod, Tyler, Sam, and Jayden).

Sam, Tyler, and Andrew skating to the center of the ice, where Jeff, Jayden, and Rod await.

Thomas and Andrew watched as Rod tried to teach Jay how to use the "walker."

Rod holding the walker as Jay tries to get her balance.

Finally on her feet, Jayden took a moment to fix her hair while Rod helps.

Tyler used a walker for most of the day, but he occasionally struck out on his own.

Jay took a break to watch the others skate.

Jeff and Andrew skated rings around the rest of us.

Sam, wearing the rented helmet, fell a few times but still had a great time.

Jay and Rod took a break in the penalty box.

Drew and Andrew enjoyed skating together.

Sam got a little warm while skating, opting to go with the snowpant and sweatshirt look that Drew preferred.

Tyler modeling his 'checked into the boards' pose.


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