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    On Saturday, March 20th, Tara & I took the kids out to dinner at Miyako Steakhouse with our friends Thad & Melissa and their kids Hannah (and one of her friends), Taren, and Tevin. We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to watch the chef's performance even though we knew they wouldn't eat most of the food. They actually ate much more than we expected them to, though. All in all it was an enjoyable evening, one that I am sure we will remember for a long time!

Miyako Steakhouse

Samantha, Tyler, and our friend Taren were in awe when the chef tossed an egg in the air and caught it on the edge of his spatula.

Sam and Tyler enjoying the show while the veggies cook in front of them.

Drew and Jayden were in amazement as well.

All of the kids were shocked when the "volcano" went off!

Our friend Hannah, Sam, and Tyler watched as the volcano fizzles out.

Sam, Tyler, Taren, and Tevin watching the chef cook more food.

Tyler took this picture of our chef...

...and this picture of the stove being cleaned.


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