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    Since I was neglectful in my husbandly duties when it came to Mother's Day this year, the kids picked up the slack for me (I will be making it up to Tara by managing the house on my own in the evenings as she works overtime during the benefit open enrollment period at her work). Tyler and Samantha each made a gift at school to give her, and they all worked together to make her two kinds of omelets and a bowl of cereal for breakfast. They even took control of the camera and took these pictures!

    Later in the evening Tyler made dinner - steak on the grill, boiled red potatoes, and a summer squash/zucchini mixture. Despite some trying moments, Tara & I were truly blessed with some amazing children (when they want to be)!

Happy Mother's Day Tara!

The kids woke up this morning and made Tara breakfast for mothers day - an omelet and cereal.

Tara is opening up the gift that Samantha made at school...

...a letter that Sam wrote to Tara, which was nicely framed.

A look at one of Tara's cards and the candles that the kids lit for her.

A card that Tyler made, in the shape of a tulip.

Tara reading a card from the kids.


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