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    Tyler and Samantha brought home a voucher for a free ticket to a Detroit Pistons game from school earlier this year, but Tara & I decided that we didn't want to pay for the extra seats that we would need and end up sitting in the nosebleed section like we did the last time we attended a game (read about those seats at the bottom of this page). We instead scoured the internet (thanks, StubHub!) for cheaper seats that were also way closer to the floor than we could have gotten otherwise. Unfortunately Tyler and Sam couldn't come to an agreement on an opponent for the game that they wanted to go see, so Tara & I chose one that fell during their spring break from school.

    We made it to the Palace early, and when the usher showed us to our seats the kids were thoroughly impressed. Tyler counted 10 rows of seats in front of us to the court, but there was a large open area in front of where we were sitting. The kids thought it was great that we sat next to the tunnel where the visiting team players (in our case, the Atlanta Hawks) come onto the court. Tyler ventured down a couple of rows to get some high fives as the players headed to the court, and came back saying that he could even smell their deodorant! They were also very impressed by the fact that we had a waitress to take our food order and deliver it to us. Our waitress was even kind enough to point out which items came with free refills and offered to bring us empty glasses of ice so that we didn't need to get a drink for each of the kids. Big thanks to her!

    We were warned by our waitress and an usher that the pregame introductions would get loud where we were seated when the flames shot up from the backboards, but I don't think we were quite prepared for how loud the noise actually was! All six of us had our hearts skip a beat as we jumped in our seats. We were also amazed by how hot the flames got, even from where we were sitting (in the corner of the court, not right behind the flames). I cannot imagine how hot it would have been had we been any closer to the basket.

    Tara even ran into somebody she knew while she was on the concourse getting refills/taking the kids to the bathroom - her sister Amy and her son Skyler! They were seated in the section immediately to our left, directly behind the basket. As I said when Tara ran into people while we were at Disney World at Christmas time, it truly is a small, small world.

    The best part about the game was that the Pistons won in an extremely exciting finish, 90-88. I wish they would have played like this all season, though, and not at the end of their year, because now they are just screwing up their draft position! Oh well, I am glad to say that I saw a winning team play, and now Tara & I are 2-0 when we attend a game this year (the Red Wings also won then went, read about it on this page). Although not this season, I am sure we will be attending another game in the future. We all enjoy the excitement too much!

Detroit Pistons Basketball Game

Tyler was ecstatic about getting high fives from the players - even though it was from the Atlanta Hawks players.

The flames shot into the air prior to the introduction of the Pistons players...

...and each time a player was announced.

It was cool, but the heat was fairly intense even from where we were sitting.

The tip-off! Ben Wallace made the jump, but didn't win this one.

Tyler, Drew, and Sam enjoying the action. Each of them brought their own custom made sign to hold up.

A couple of our favorite players - Ben Wallace (#6) and Jonas Jerebko (#33).

Another Pistons rookie, this time Austin Daye (#5).


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