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    We weren't sure that Sam would be able to play soccer during her team's first game on Saturday, September 11th. She had sprained her ankle/foot pretty bad not quite two weeks earlier, but she managed to make it through a practice session a couple of days earlier, so it was decided that she would play a quarter and see how it goes today. She wound up playing the whole game, although she was visibly limping for most of it. Her first quarter was spent on offense, which meant a lot of running around. She came close to scoring a goal right at the beginning of the game, but the ball just rolled through the goal mouth. The next quarter was in goal, which was like a break in a way as she only saw one kick come her way. The rest of the game was spent on the defensive side of the field, once again to help her rest her ankle. She said she was feeling okay after the game, so hopefully next week she will be even better.

Game 1 - vs. #3

Samantha, waiting for the game to begin.

Sam driving the ball towards the net.

Sam chasing down the action.

Sam started the second quarter in goal for her team.

Sam taking a moment to collect herself before kicking the ball our after making a save.

Sam chasing down the action once again.

Sam, #11, running after the play while on defense in the second half.

Sam stealing the ball away from her opponent.

Sam waiting for the action to come her way while playing defense in the second half.

Another shot of Sam waiting for the action to come her way.


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