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    Samantha's soccer team had their only weeknight game of the year on Wednesday, September 22nd. On the strength of her four goal outburst in the last game, Sam was named team captain tonight. She had another strong game, opening the scoring with her only goal of the game early. She had a few chances for more in the first quarter, but the rest of the game she played entirely on the defensive side of the field. She played in goal for a quarter, mid-field for a quarter, and defense for a quarter. It's tough to score from back there! Of course the team didn't really need her to score tonight, as they scored early and often and all game long. The final score was a football-like 15-0.

Game 3 - at #4

Samantha, in red, was named team captain for tonight's game.

Samantha just missed blocking this ball from her opponent.

Sam waiting for some action to come her way.

Sam playing goal. She didn't have to make any saves tonight.

Sam watching the action at the other end of the field once again.


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