Game 4

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    Thanks to a conflict with football and a Mom to Mom sale that Tara signed up for many months ago neither Tara or I were able to attend Samantha's game today. Thankfully we have two wonderful sets of Grandparents who are willing to help us out. Today that responsibility fell to Grandma Gail, who graciously took Sam to her team pictures and stayed for the game to keep score and take pictures for me.

    There isn't much to say about the game itself - once again it was a blowout in our favor. Sam got her 6th goal of the season today, which is the major highlight for her. She got a chance to play a lot on the defensive side again today, thanks to the 9-1 final score.

Game 4 - vs. #1

Samantha warming up before the game today.

Team pictures were today. Sam is standing in the center of the back row.

Sam rushing in to block the ball from the opposition.

Sam standing in the center of a crowd.


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