Game 5

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    Samantha wasn't feeling 100% today, coming off an evening battling a little bit of the flu. She toughed out the game, though she was sluggish. Thankfully her team didn't really need her, as they scored another easy 9-1 victory today. The only drawback to Sam playing ill was that she was the one playing goal when the other team scored their lone goal. Hopefully she will be back to normal before she has to play again...

Game 5 - vs. #4

Samantha dressed warm after sitting through a cold rainy football game this morning for her brother. Unfortunately she wound up being overdressed, as the weather warmed up ever so slightly and the rain quit.

Sam trying to drive the ball down the sideline.

Sam rushing in to block the ball from the opposition.

Another shot of Sam and an opponent fighting over the ball.

Sam standing in goal, trying to focus.
Sam kicking the ball away from the opposition while playing defense.


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