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    Finally! We were actually blessed with decent weather for Samantha's soccer game on Saturday, October 9th. This was after three or four straight weeks of rain during the game or playing on wet fields. Today's game was another easy victory for Sam's team, as they pulled out a 6-1 victory. Sam got to play a total of one half on offense and one half of defense today, although she didn't score any goals. She played on offense during the fourth quarter, but it looked at that time like they were trying to take it easy on the opposition. She probably could have gotten at least one goal, but the entire team appeared to not be hustling towards the goal. I know that there has been some complaining from the opponents parents about our scores, but these teams are supposed to be matched evenly by player ability by the league, so nobody should be complaining about a stacked team here.

Game 6 - vs. #3

Samantha started the game out on defense once again. Here she is waiting for some action to come her way early in the game.

Samantha kicking the ball into her offensive zone.

Sam controlling the ball before making a move.


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