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    Samantha's indoor soccer team played their second game of the season on Friday, November 5th. Things looked like they were going to get out of hand early, as the Puma's (Sam's team name) let in two early goals. The team hung tough from then on out, however. They got one goal to bring the score to 2-1, and scored the tying goal with under three minutes left to round out the scoring. Sam played well again, although she still is uncertain about where to be at all times since she is so unfamiliar with the other players and has never played soccer at this frantic pace. She did get another scoring chance today, but pushed the ball a little too softly towards the net. Once again it is too bad she couldn't have snuck it past, as her team could have gone on to win their first game of the year had she been able to do so!

Game 2 - vs. Laforza Soccer Club

Samantha working on taking the ball away from the other team.

Sam watching the action take place down field.

Sam getting a water break during the game.

Sam walking back to her position during a stoppage in play.

Sam taking the ball away from a downed player.

Sam walking to the sideline late in the game.


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