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    Samantha's indoor soccer team, the Puma's, played their fourth game of the season on Friday, November 19th, and I think it may have been their worst game to date. Sam started at forward today and played pretty well. In fact, she and the rest of her team kept the ball in the Waza end of the field almost the entire first half (I think our goalie made one "save" in the first half, and it really wasn't even near the net). Sam had another kick on goal, but she wasn't able to knock it in. Neither were any of her teammates, however, as it seemed that pretty much all of our shots were either wide of the net or right at the goalie. The second half started out with the Puma's attacking once again, but it only took one breakaway for the other team to net their first goal. They went on to score 2 more goals, but our girls were unable to connect on any of theirs. So, despite dominating the ball for much of the game, the end result was a 3-0 loss, their second of the season.

Game 4 - vs. Waza FC 02

Samantha driving towards the net, trying to get around an opponent.

Sam waiting for the action to come back her way.

Sam moving with the ball once again, about to be bumped by an opponent.

Sam slowing down to get into position after realizing that the ball is too far away from her to chase down.


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