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    Game 6 of Samantha's indoor soccer season took place on Friday, December 10th. The girls dominated the ball once again tonight, keeping the ball in the opponents end for a majority of the game. They came out stronger tonight than they did in the previous game, which was nice because sometimes the late games mean the kids are a little lethargic to start out. Sam seemed a little passive on offense today, although she covered the middle third of the field pretty strongly. She also got her first chance to play goal today, starting the second half in the net. She didn't allow any goals, but she didn't face many shots thanks to her team's strong offensive play. They ended up winning 6-1, moving their record into the positive side with a 3-2-1 record for the season with two games remaining. Go Puma's!

Game 6 - vs. Lapeer Soccer Club

Samantha showing off her new soccer only pastime, thumb sucking!

Sam stopping the ball and going the other way.

Samantha and her teammates attempting to stop a kick from the corner. Unfortunately their attempts were unsuccessful as the kick resulted in a goal.

Sam got to play goal for the first time today in the second half.

Sammie didn't see much action. Most of her time was spent contemplating deep thoughts.

Sam making one of her few save attempts.


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