Game 4

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    This was another tough game for the players on Samantha's team and the coaches alike. It didn't take long for us to fall behind, and although we 16 points in the game (second only to the 18 we scored in our win) we just kept falling further and further behind. I should have known that it was going to be a long day when I couldn't get five volunteers to start the game (to be fair, Sam volunteered, but I didn't think she should start since she didn't make it to either of our practices this week as the flu ravaged our household). Even though we were losing bad by halftime (down by something like 30 points), the other coach wouldn't call off the dogs. I mean come on, with a final score of 63-16 was there really a need to put your best player back in with two minutes to go? This is the only kid that I have seen make a three point basket during the course of a game (against us today, no less) and he needs back in? What, 60 points wouldn't have been enough (his three pointer was earlier in the game, but still - did he need to go back out when you are winning by over 40 points)? Ridiculous! I'm not sure the best way to accomplish the task, but improving the defense has to be the number one priority. Thankfully we have two weeks to work on it.

    One reminder when looking at the pictures - Samantha's number this season is 1, so keep an eye out for that if you can't figure out which one she is when looking at them.

Samantha's Basketball - Game #4

The coaches giving the kids some instruction during a timeout (and some special warnings from the assistant coach to his son).

Samantha looking to help out on defense.

Sam bringing the ball up the court.

Sam coming back up the court after we gave up yet another basket.

Sam looking for a spot to grab a rebound.

Sam listening to the ref after a foul call.

Sam dribbling into position for a shot.

The embarrassing final score, a 63-16 loss for the green team.


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