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    On Friday, May 28th, Tyler and Samantha's school held their annual field day at the Karl Richter Campus. Since Tyler and I had just returned from three days at camp I decided to take this day off as well so that I could join them. Since I was home, Drew and Jayden joined me in watching the festivities. We really lucked out in that Samantha's class immediately followed Tyler's class during the events, so we were able to watch a little bit of each activity. We had a great day watching everyone participate in the wide variety of activities, and I hope you enjoy seeing the photos!

Tyler and Samantha's Field Day

Tyler sitting with some of his classmates prior to the start of the days activities.

Samantha sitting with her class before the first event.

Drew sitting on the bleacher steps waiting for the action to begin.

Tyler, in the red shorts in the back row on the left side of the picture, ready to start the race around the track for all of the 5th grade boys.

Here comes Tyler, finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Tyler starting his standing long jump...

...and just about to land.

Sam got a 4th place ribbon in the limbo contest.

Tyler attempting to skip rope the most times during the time limit.

Sammie waiting for her turn to go during the sack race.

Sam found it difficult to hold up her sack and jump any amount of distance at once (especially while smiling for the camera).

Another shot at Sam in the sack race.

Sam leaping during her turn at the standing long jump.

Tyler taking his turn during the softball toss.

Tyler picking up his ball after the distance of his throw was recorded.

Sam's turn to jump rope.

Tyler heading off to fill his cup during the water relay race.

Tyler trying to prevent the water from spilling out of his cup on the way back.

Another attempt at not spilling the water by Tyler.

Sam waiting for her turn during the water relay race.

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