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    Finally, the planning gods smiled on us. We actually managed to have a weekend where we had snow on the ground (thanks to last weeks 5-8" of the white stuff) and we had no scheduled activities (no basketball games thanks to the Presidents Day weekend and the kids being out of school). We decided to take advantage of the situation by letting Tyler and Samantha invite some friends over to spend the night on Friday, February 12th, and then go sledding the next morning. After breakfast Tara & I loaded up all six kids for the trek to Toboggan Hill in Davison. We all took several turns sledding down the hill, and we were successful in avoiding injury while doing so. We could have used a couple of extra sleds, as we spent a lot of time waiting for the sleds (and their users) to make it back up the hill so the next person could use them. Now we know for next time! Regardless of the lack of sleds, we all had a blast. In fact, before we even left the kids were trying to figure out a way to come back next weekend!

Sledding at Toboggan Hill

Samantha and her friend Hayley in the bright orange sled, Tyler, Drew (who was afraid to go at first), and Rodney and Jayden in the purple sled.

Tyler watching Rodney and Jayden fly past as he walks up the hill.

Sam and Hayley going down the hill.

Rodney and Drew may have made it the furthest down the hill for the day, after Drew got up the courage to go.

Rodney, Drew, and Jayden ready to start their next trip down.

Rodney, Drew, and Jay on their way down the hill.

Tyler gave it a shot on his stomach.

Tara got a turn to sled with Drew and Jay.

Tara also got a turn going down the hill with Jay.

Tyler finally gave his snowboard a shot (after it being in our garage for a couple of years now).

Tyler seemed to have the most success crouched down real low.

Sam encountered Tara and Jay (who needed her face wiped down from all of the snow that Tara kicked up) on her way back up the hill.

Rod and Jay going down the slope once again.

Tyler wiped out a lot at the end of his runs, so he was fairly covered in snow.

Tara's self portrait (she tried to deny taking this shot, but you can clearly see her arms reflected in her glasses).

Alex, Tyler's friend, and Tyler ready to start the next trip down the hill.

Alex and Tyler on their way down the hill.

Tyler and Alex after wiping out part way down the hill.

Drew was a speed demon when it came to climbing back up the hill, easily outpacing the rest of the group.

Tyler, Samantha, and Alex ready to slide once more!


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